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mox·ie (mŏksē) n.

1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
2. Energy; initiative.
3. Skill; know-how.

We at Creativity Partners are building a movement for inclusive and powerful communities. We've taken hard-won lessons from some of the most powerful companies on Earth and are meeting with leaders and individual contributors who seek to speak up, be heard, and make a deep and positive impact. With experience ranging from coaching Oscar-winning filmmakers, to advising the United States Air Force Academy,  to transforming workplace cultures, Jamie and Chris share stories and tools you can harness to activate your full power.


Grow Your Moxie


Have you had the experience of struggling to get a word in edgewise or talked over by more dominant voices?

Do you ever feel like you’re swimming upstream, trying to make a positive difference only to get shrugged off or shut down?

We understand how hard this can be; we’ve spent our careers working to dismantle the many barriers to power and opportunity.

Power structures in most organizations discourage speaking up and taking initiative. 

The good news is there are concrete strategies and skills you can develop and practice to get better results despite current management structures.

Imagine what your work life would feel like if you were tapped for great opportunities, fully respected for your expertise and talents. 

G.Y.M. is a three part program.

Act One: The Inner Work
From a PowerLESS to a PowerFULL mindset


Ava DuVernay, the first Black woman to direct a film nominated for Best Picture Oscar, said, “I’m less interested in banging down the door of some man who doesn’t want me there. I’m more about building my own house.” To be moxie means to focus our energy on building a new house, a new world. We don’t want to play by the old rules. It’s time to adopt new, game changing rules!


A sneak peek at your exercise routine:

  • Heavy Lifting: “Move the fan” exercise  every day, as needed

  • Mobility Training: “Lighten the backpack” exercise 10 minutes each morning

  • Rest Day: “Dilemma meditations” at least 10 minutes some time between our monthly workshops 

  • Stretching: PowerFULL journal entry at least one time each week

Act Two: The Outer Work
Amplifying Your Voice

How do you activate the power you have when you’re in a meeting and can’t get a word in edgewise? How about when you have a boss who has a knack for making you feel less than?


Together, let’s explore your personal experience with power.  What’s your relationship with your own power? How do you perceive your manager’s power? What are the power dynamics on your team? What were the power dynamics in your family of origin? What are the power structures and systems in your organization that silence people no matter how skillfully moxie they are.  


We’ll use creative modalities, including story sharing, drawing, and somatic exercises to reshape our relationship with power and our response to “power over” injustices


You’ll come away with exercises to continually strengthen your moxie, and frameworks for calculating when, whether and how to speak up and make a positive impact

Act Three: The Together Work
Maximizing Your Impact

Now that you’ve warmed up and feel stronger and more flexible, we’ll practice supercharging your listening, gearing up for high-stakes conversations, and standing up for the promotion, the respect, the job, the airtime, the credit, and the greater good

We'll work on understanding the nature of gravitas: what it is, how it works, and how to use it. 

You'll practice developing leadership presence, learning how to stake out and hold your space

Together, we will uncover the true power of authenticity.

You'll get concrete tools that will immediately make you a better, more influential speaker, and learn the incredible power of telling the perfect story to grab attention and harness the connecting energy of emotion

The G.Y.M. Program is guided by a few fundamental questions.

  • How do YOU fortify your moxie when hitting up against narrow definitions of success, leadership presence, and professionalism?

  • How do YOU make a positive impact when you raise your voice only to get shrugged off?

  • How do YOU stay true to your uniqueness when the norms around you don’t fit?

  • How do YOU calculate when to speak up and when it’s best to stay silent?

  • What’s within YOUR sphere of influence when working in a command and control environment?

That all sounds great. But ... what is it? What do I get?

This is the content preview for the pilot of the G.Y.M. Program - the program will be expanded significantly at full launch. 

Features below show in GOLD are not a part of the pilot program, but will be included in the full program this fall. 

When you sign up for a membership to the G.Y.M. Program, here's what you can expect:

  • Interactive workshops to explore your relationships with power, outdated limiting beliefs that hold you back, and a playbook of five critical skills to speak up and get heard

  • Power-mapping frameworks to inform a customized strategy for cultivating relationships both within and outside your organization

  • Our Moxie Quotient Assessment© to pinpoint where your moxie fitness opportunities lie

  • Profound connections with a trusted group of peers 

  • Concrete skills for high stakes conversations, for fortifying resilience in uncertain times, and advocating for yourself from a place of confidence and self-respect

And you're going to get all of that through:

  • Two (Four) 90 minute live virtual workshop seminars 

  • A structured curriculum of video content to work through at your own pace

  • Exercises to develop and sharpen your moxie skills 

  • Our Moxie Playbook© with worksheets and other downloadables 

  • Special Moxie guest speakers 

  • G.Y.M. member gatherings 

  • Your MOXIE Group: In between the live virtual sessions, you can opt into a peer cohort of 8-10 people with similar goals, levels, roles and interests. We also consider whether or not you’re in transition or remaining in your current role. You'll have access to a special MOXIE group discussion board for connection, networking, talking through the curriculum and current challenges in your position, and more


If you’re a part of the founding cohort, you’ll not only get the preview content, but a front row seat at a discounted rate for the full launch of the program later this year.

Registration for the pilot is now open, so click the logo below and sign up now. 


You’ll receive a brief application to ensure the program is a good fit for you and to place you in your peer cohort.   

Live Virtual Workshops June 14, 2024 and July 12, 2024 from 10:00am to 11:30am!
(Pacific Time)

Jamie Woolf

With over 20 years leading culture and learning functions, I'm passionate about building cutting edge cultures in which people feel safe to speak up.  As a coach and an organizational psychology practitioner, I'm committed to creating systems that elevate women and BIPOC leaders at that critical juncture where pipelines break. I was the first Director of Culture at Pixar, and for 20+ years, I've worked as an internal and external organizational consultant and coach across diverse industries.


Dr. Chris Bell

For more than 15 years, I have been teaching and learning about rhetoric - the art of crafting a message. I am passionate about using that art to help others elevate their voices and amplify their influence, particularly women and people of color. I try to move past traditional ideas of "diversity training" into spaces where people don't just "feel" included, but actually are included. I was the first Director of Creative Inclusion at Skydance Animation and a tenured professor at the University of Colorado, and have been consulting across industries for 15+ years. 

Meet Your Trainers

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