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Build Connection

In wake of the pandemic and with remote work, it's harder to build connection. We help you take a more creative approach.


What's it like when Jamie and Chris facilitate your networking event?
Ask Dreamworks! Pure networking excitement!

Mutual Mentorship Programs

We design programs that emphasize reciprocal learning. Recognizing the need for a more inclusive and adaptable mentorship approach, Mutual Mentorship Programs are structured to prioritize the mentee's perspective

Values Identification and Activation

We help you identify values through stories, and connect values with questions that prompt inquiry and conversation. Designing people systems with values in mind, make values real, not slogans.

Beyond DEI

Moving Beyond “Feeling” Included into True Belonging  


This training moves from insight to action, helping teams change habits like how they surface conflict, make decisions, share knowledge, and run meetings, to drive true belonging.

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