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We design training that inspires high engagement. We ground learning in the context of on-going work. We ensure sustained behavior change long after the learning experience is over.

Creative Problem Solving

Drawing the curtain back on Pixar’s creativity, this workshop dives into creative modalities to widen the perspective and generate brand-new solutions that get to the heart of the matter. Participants come away with four key problem solving modalities to rethink vexing problems including drawing, inquiry, braintrust, and mindset shifting. (90 minutes, virtual or in-person)

The Power of Story

Telling a great story can fundamentally change the nature of your organization’s brand, your leadership, and your relationships with employees, customers, and stakeholders. Participants come away understanding the how and the why of storytelling and feel equipped to use story to build their leadership credibility, grab people's attention with compelling narratives, and facilitate story sharing in a way that bolsters connection. We offer two formats: half day and full day.

The Art of Listening

Listening may sound easy but most of us lose our listening skills when emotions run high, and  when we’re juggling competing priorities. Learn strategies to listen beyond the words, adapt and broaden your  perspective and deepen your understanding and connection.

This training was featured in a 2019 HBR article

Embracing Your
Inner Critic

Participants discover and share their imposter-like feelings and discern what workplace factors contribute to this experience. Participants come away with tools to understand limiting beliefs, reframe negative self-talk, and increase their capacity to use their voice to have true influence in the workplace.  (90-min virtual or in person)

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