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We make healthy, innovative workplace culture your competitive advantage 

Our team of experts works with senior leaders to evolve their culture, strategy, and leadership to build high performing, innovative teams.
An innovative culture requires efficiency in balance with spaciousness, humility and decisiveness, open-mindedness and constructive disruption.

Cultivating an innovative culture is a strategic necessity if you want to succeed.

Creativity Partners at the Haas Business School Culture Connect Conference 2024
University of California Berkeley

"If authenticity carries a cost, and concealing your true self isn’t the answer, what can you do?" - Jamie Woolf

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"Jamie Woolf was very smart about workplace dynamics and about how to effect real change, in big ways and small.

- - Ed Catmull, Co-Founder and former President, Pixar Animation Studios

Our Clients and Keynotes

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"Heidi and Jamie bring high energy, and a unique set of skills and insights to drive engagement by the team and stimulate creativity...They are great listeners and do not try to bring a cookie cutter approach to their consulting. Instead, they worked with me to clearly understand our situation, our needs and to deliver a customized solution, with multiple check points along the way.  They bring a best practice in industry to their work but this is so seldom seen and experienced that they truly stand out. "

Leo Plouffe, MD CM

Vice President, Global Head of Patient Safety, Gilead Sciences

Meet the Team


Jamie Woolf

Heidi Rosenfelder

Dr. Chris Bell

Co-Founder and CEO

Culture Building Partner


Executive Coaching Partner

Chief Associate

Storytelling Partner

Cort Worthington


E.Q. Partner

Liz Gray


Training Partner


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